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Background information on FESTIVAL!

CartoonFESTIVAL is a program made up of segments that look at different aspects of social behavior in humorous and creative ways. The creative interactions organized around different themes are designed to get children thinking and exploring how they feel and interact with others.

We have currently scripted over 100 segments for the FESTIVAL show, including groups in the following topical areas.

Drawings that animate
Each program features a drawing segment where an artist's hand appears using a medium such as crayon, marker, or paint brush to create a character and/or scene, to music or poetry, which can then animate to tell or complete a story. This creative and captivating approach to storytelling is a way to literally 'draw' children into the story.

Though most of the animated drawing segments to this point have an adult artist doing the drawing with children narrating the story, we've also improvised on a couple segments and had children illustrate the lyrics to songs like "What do you wanna be?" This is an adaptation that has worked well.

The animated drawing segments are not only enthralling, they can be spin-off 3-4 minute self-standing features in themselves that can provide thoughtful interludes in regular children's programming. We are creating them with this in mind.

Objects that animate
'Kids from the Block' are figures made of colorfully painted wooden blocks animated over a crayon-drawn background. These simple staging elements help highlight powerful stories about caring and kindness, like ‘The Seed’, ‘The Good Neighbor’ and ‘On Top of the World’, in modern-day parables.

Using this iconic educational metaphor has presented opportunities for some hilarious scenarios. And positive feedback from children tells us these colorful elements are the perfect building blocks for good social behavior.

Chalk Talks
Similar to animated drawing segments, Chalk Talks use chalk on sidewalk slates to tell stories that creatively connect with kids on a neighborhood level - quite literally. Chalked images to a rapped story look at what's going down in the 'hood - and how kids can react - on a perfect storyboard.

Often beginning with a video panning from a neighborhood activity to the sidewalk storyboard, Chalk Talks can also be self-standing features that provide thoughtful interludes in regular children's programming.

Fish Stories
These segments rely on almost unbelievable scenarios for humor that will get kids laughing while at the same time wondering - HOW can a fish be afraid of water? and Do fish schools really study H2O? Fish stories are traditionally fantastic - sometimes outrageous tales - fabricated and built around the lore of the big one that got away'. Because they can be unbelievable, fish stories are also unforgettable - and great venues for making indelible statements about subjects like friendship, sharing and caring.

(Reddy and) Mr. Knowitall
Why does Mr. Knowitall always put others down and belittle their ideas? Mr. Knowitall is certainly knowledgeable - and always ready to display his knowledge. But could he be wrong?

A 'human cartoon' and a mime, we are hoping to develop the current clown character named Reddy (who is always 'ready' for any challenge) into more of a character than a clown - a character that could be a child.

Other segments of the FESTIVAL show have incorporated story lines into crafts (paper maché in ‘People of the Light’) and academic subjects such as math (’Math Star’) and science (’How Do You Do That? - Rocketry’). In each case, the underlying story is what carries the craft and keeps the segment within the context of the show. FESTIVAL is a program that uses creativity and humor to craft a positive message about social behavior.

Life is a festival - let’s celebrate!