• Drawing on creativity to tell original stories.
  • Building character through thoughtful examples.
  • Promoting friendship through sharing.
  • Learning lessons while laughing.
  • Crafting imaginative stories that inspire.
  • Exploring ideas and dreams.


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CartoonGrowing up can be hard. It's a time of uncertainty when many youth try to find an identity for themselves reflected in the community of people who surround them. They may find love in the strength of a family, but they may also find anger or indifference.

Children learn reading, writing and arithmetic in school yet often receive no social affirmation that who they are is special and important. Even children from a loving family can be intimidated by unkind words and actions in a new social environment. Every conversation, every interaction is an opportunity to nurture or destroy hope. The dreams and ambitions of a young age can be shot down by a single harsh word. As much as they need to achieve academically, children also need to feel positive about themselves and what they can accomplish.

FESTIVAL is a creative exploration of subjects beyond reading, math and science. Segments of the show use art, music and humor to take a look at how people treat each other. These segments include short stories and skits featuring clowns, cartoon characters, puppets and animated objects that touch on subjects important to children - subjects such as bullying, safety and cultural differences. Coming from different perspectives in an entertaining, rapid-fire succession of performances, FESTIVAL is designed to capture children's attention and release their imaginations.

Program segments analyze human behavior and inspire good values in youth. 'Chalk talks' use sidewalk slates with animated characters that promote positive themes of love and acceptance. 'Kids from the Block' segments utilize animated wooden blocks to build simple stories with human lessons into modern-day parables understandable to youth. And 'Fish Stories' surface occasionally to question inappropriate behavior in humorous ways. The creative approaches utilized in these regular program segments take aim at the social norm to keep youth open-minded.

Grade school ages 6-11 and younger can understand and enjoy the themes, and the colorful rapid-fire presentation format of the program is designed to hold their attention. Content focused on social behavior and spirituality is more impressionable because studies show this age group tends to be less absorbed in social media interactions and more open to a variety of entertaining media messages.

Children are our hope for tomorrow.