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The plan

OnlineThe FESTIVAL creative group is hoping to build on the success of its community cable 'demos' to produce a full season of 12 refined episodes of the FESTIVAL show. The plan is to work with scripts already produced as well as those currently being developed. The show open and close are being upgraded, and there is a possibility of incorporating a narrative in the form of a guest host on themed shows - shows where the content of multiple or all segments is focused on a single topic such as 'bullying', 'sharing' or 'respect'.

Because the FESTIVAL program is composed of original creative material and production is currently all in-house, we are budgeting for additional hardware and software. We need to upgrade production hardware and software to facilitate 2-3 editors working in parallel on upgraded production and post-production for multiple segments and episodes. We also want to increase our capabilities of doing animation in-house.

We're looking to collaborate with outside sources on animation. There are several production studios in the Twin Cities metropolitan area that we have close ties to, and with whom we're exploring the possibility of working on production of animated program segments.

Screen and voice talent for segments of the program (as well as contributions to script content) have come from public school teachers and personnel who regularly work with children and topics that appear on the program. We plan to continue to utilize these connections/resources. We also work with children in concept and production. We want to continue to draw on their creativity and feedback to effectively reflect age-appropriate multi-cultural perspectives in the program.

Interactive online
We've been developing interactive content to compliment learning topics in different segments of the FESTIVAL program. In doing so, we are following two concept models - simple scripting of interactive learning elements (web pages utilizing image mapping, mousetrails, rollovers, hyperlinks, form fills, and Gif/Flash animations), and advanced programming of virtual learning environments (in consultation with programmers). We currently have at least seven registered domains and two online hosting accounts that we are utilizing for websites featuring this interactive content - ifestival.org, afishstory.org, rivercat.fish, ibeachcomber.com, beachcomber.rocks, littlejigggles.com, littlejiggles.com, and clowncraft.net.

Life is a festival - let’s celebrate!